Car & Truck Wash

A car or pickup? We have a 10 bay wand wash with all the latest equipment.



Car and Pickup Truck

Wand Wash

Gone are the days of the basic wash, rinse and wax hand washing bays.

Today at True North, you have access to a list of choices not seen in the wand wash business. From presoaks to engine degreasers to spot-free rinse, our 10 oversized bays are, simply put, the best of the best.

And really, would you expect anything less from True North?

Each bay is conveniently equipped with:

  • Presoak

  • Tire/Wheel Cleaner

  • HP Soap

  • HP Rinse

  • HP Wax

  • Foam Brush

  • Wax Cannon

  • Vacuum