Heavy Duty
Truck Wash

Drive a truck? Roll into the 125-foot bay for wand wash, or let True North do all the work in the biggest and best automatic truck wash around.





Automatic Wash

The future of automatic truck wash has arrived. Introducing Peace Country’s only fully automated touchless truck and trailer wash with enough technology built into it to scan your truck’s unique features and blast it clean.

True North’s Automatic Truck Wash is the relaxing choice in cleaning your investment from bumper to bumper.

  • Only touchless truck and trailer wash in Peace Country

  • A 125-foot bay offers bumper to bumper washing power

  • Complete undercarriage-wash and side-blasters clean off caked-on dirt


Wand Wash

There is no better feeling in the world than a job well done. That’s why you bring your truck to True North. Whether you choose to doing it yourself by firing our massive foam cannon at your truck, or simply going along for the ride in a fully automated truck wash, the outcome will be photo op worthy.

True North has the perfect wand wash setup to clean and maintain your valued investment.

  • Your truck and trailer will fit comfortably in our 125-foot bay

  • Built-in catwalks to wash every angle of your truck and trailer

  • Equipped with foam cannon guns to cover your truck with hot foaming pre-soak

  • Great for RVs, motorhomes or any other oversized vehicle